Energy Risk Consulting (ERC) is an independent, professionally licensed engineering firm with a passion for facilitating continuous improvement in the energy industry. We deliver innovative risk management solutions to drive safe, efficient, and cost effective operations for our clients.

Services Overview


  • Regulatory Compliance
    (CFR, OSHA, etc.)
  • Standard Compliance
    (API, ISO, ANSI, etc.)
  • Organizational Compliance
    (Internal Company Governance and Policies)


  • Program / Project Management
  • Dynamic Positioning & Vessel Controls
  • Knowledge Management
  • Organizational Governance (Policy and Procedure Development / Management)
  • Competency System Development & Management
  • Mechanical / Asset Integrity
  • Data Analytics & Visualization

Risk Management

  • Technical Risk Assessment / Process Hazards Analysis
  • Project Risk Assessment / Management
  • Management of Change (MOC)

Risk Management

As a trusted partner, Energy Risk Consulting (ERC) provides Risk Management services to the energy industry, supporting customers in reducing risks to personnel safety, the environment, and operations. With extensive industry experience ERC has the capability to successfully implement numerous recognized methodologies to best suit customer needs. In addition, with a broad knowledge of industry regulations, ERC has proven experience in supporting organizations to develop new work processes and strategies as well as implementing established systems supporting compliance with regulatory requirements.

Shear Verification

Over 500 Certifications Delivered

ERC is a leading provider of Shear Verification services for both surface and subsea BOP systems. We possess extensive experience in providing these verification packages and have successfully delivered hundreds of certifications to a large number of clients.

With standard next business day transmittal for most verifications, ERC is committed to providing a prompt, high quality deliverable that meets customer needs. For urgent or time-sensitive requests, same-day (typically within 4 hours) expedited verification service is also available.