Risk Management

As a trusted partner, Energy Risk Consulting (ERC) provides Risk Management services to the energy industry, supporting customers in reducing risks to personnel safety, the environment, and operations. With extensive industry experience ERC has the capability to successfully implement numerous recognized methodologies to best suit customer needs. In addition, with a broad knowledge of industry regulations, ERC has proven experience in supporting organizations to develop new work processes and strategies or implementing established systems supporting compliance with regulatory requirements.

Upstream (Offshore & Onshore)

With global experience conducting risk assessments on a vast number and variety of drilling, well control, and marine systems utilizing a broad suite of risk analysis methodologies (FMECA, HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA, etc.), Energy Risk Consulting is dedicated to providing risk management excellence in all our services. We are committed to working collaboratively with clients to their risk management needs.


With extensive experience conducting risk analyses of refining and chemicals facilities for number of customers, Energy Risk Consulting is committed to supporting clients in minimizing risks to safety, the environment, and operations. Our ability to utilize a wide variety of risk analysis methodologies (including HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA, FMECA, etc.), coupled with our streamlined work process, allows us to develop unique solutions for each customer which maximize value while minimizing cost and session duration.

In alignment with existing government and industry regulations, and as new and more stringent standards are approved, Energy Risk Consulting can also provide support to clarify the new/existing requirements, develop strategies to achieve compliance, and implement these strategies within an organization.